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Soon after you get engaged, one of the first things to search for is your wedding reception venue. There are a lot of deciding factors when choosing your venue, especially when it comes to the style and vibe you’re going for your wedding day! if you’re looking for a rustic gem of a wedding venue in Northern KY (and one that is full of history and authenticity) I may have just found the reception space for you!

The Becky Ann Barn

I recently toured The Becky Ann Barn, which is located at the Ed-Mar Dairy Farm in Walton, KY. I met up with Rachel, their Director of Marketing, who was so full of joy and happy to share all about this new reception venue opening up!

The event space itself is full of history. The interior structure and beams are created out of wood that is over 100 years old! The wood is from the barn that Eddie, the owner of the property, grew up with on his family’s farm. They needed some extra wood in some areas, so they also used some of the wood from Eddie’s wife’s childhood barn too! It is such a beautiful tribute to both of their childhoods, and makes for such a beautiful structure! Some of the wood in the barn is newer, as they decided to expand the original barn size to accommodate more people for an event space, but I love that the interior beams are authentic and rich of history from each of their families! The barn’s name even has meaning; it is named after Eddie’s only sister, who passed away suddenly in March 2020. What a beautiful tribute to his sister.

The space also features four beautiful chandeliers and eight large fans that hang from the ceiling! All the tables and chairs are provided by the event space, and they have room to accommodate approximately 250 guests. You also have access to a bar area, which includes a sink, chest freezer, and a refrigerator.

Although they do offer set up/tear down as an optional add-on, you can also opt to set up/tear down the space yourself (or enlist the help of family/friends) to make the space exactly how you want it to be! As far as catering for the event, you are responsible for bringing in all food and alcohol. I love that you get to determine which catering company you want to work with (or you could DIY it as well)!

One of the best parts about this barn is that, because it is on an actual farm, it is in such a beautiful location! I visited when the leaves had already fallen, but Rachel mentioned just how beautiful it is when the leaves are fully bloomed! There are trees surrounding so much of the property which makes for such lovely scenery (it’s also great from a photography standpoint too, especially if you want to take most of your wedding portraits there). The best way to describe the area (from my perspective) is within the word: peace. The area is so peaceful and full of nature. I didn’t get to witness it, because it was a cloudy day when I visited, but Rachel mentioned that the sunsets are gorgeous there (and I believe it, based on the area and the big view of the sky)! Another perk of booking your wedding there is that you can also use the space for your engagement session (as long as you give them a heads up, of course!) which I think is so special!

I highly recommend this barn as a beautiful wedding venue in Northern KY. The staff are so down-to-earth and willing to help make your event so special!

If you’re interested in learning more about The Becky Ann Barn, reach out for more information (and a venue tour) at: or call 859-620-1860!

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