St. Xavier Church in Cincinnati, OH – Catholic Wedding

St. Xavier Church is one of the most beautiful churches in Cincinnati, OH! When I had the opportunity to photograph a wedding here, I was blown away as I entered the church. Between the architecture and structure, the stained glass, and the statues, it is an incredibly beautiful downtown Cincinnati church. One of the groomsmen from this wedding even said to me, “I am not Catholic, but this is so beautiful.” I saw many guests enter the church with awe, looking at the beauty surrounded by them.

Planning a Wedding at St. Xavier Church

If you are interested in having your wedding at St. Xavier Church, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you can actually have your ceremony and Mass here if you aren’t a parishioner (although it is recommended by the church to be a parishioner prior to having a wedding there). If you aren’t a parishioner, you do need written permission from your parish priest. Something to keep in mind is that a priest isn’t assigned to you for your St. Xavier wedding, so you will need to make arrangements for that.

How much does it cost to have a wedding at St. Xavier Church?

There is a fee of $2,500 to have your wedding ceremony and Mass at St. Xavier Church in Cincinnati. Half the fee is required as a deposit when you confirm your date with the church. St. Xavier makes it very easy to make payments through their website. In addition to the fee, there is also a suggested minimum stipend for the priest of $250. Another thing to keep in mind is that parking is not free, and you need to contact Park Place Parking Company to make arrangements to use the lot next to St. Xavier if you’d like to use that. Otherwise, there are parking lots within walking distance of the church, which is something you will want to relay to your guests when attending your wedding.

When should I schedule my wedding at St. Xavier Church?

This church is extremely popular and in high demand. It is required to book this church 6 months in advance, but it is recommended to book further in advance if you can, due to its limited availability. It’s also important to keep in mind that St. Xavier does offer two different time slots for Saturday weddings: 2pm and 6pm (so there is a high likelihood that there will be two weddings on the same date).

Next steps to booking your St. Xavier Church wedding

So, you’ve been convinced to have your wedding at this beautiful church! So exciting! If you’re looking for the next steps, St. Xavier has a lot of great resources on their website and explanations of the whole wedding process! I highly recommend checking out their wedding link here to learn all about booking your wedding at St. Xavier Church!

If you’ve fallen in love with the churches through the images I have shared throughout this blog, I would love to chat with you more! I specialize in Catholic weddings, and I love to capture this sacrament for couples that value their Faith and want their wedding captured beautifully! View more of my work here!

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