Rentschler Forest Metropark Park Session

In February, I had the opportunity to visit Rentschler Forest for the very first time. I had heard of this beautiful metropark for a while, but didn’t have much of an opportunity to go visit. When Lauren and Ian told me that they wanted their session with a woodsy vibe, I knew that I had to suggest Rentschler Forest Metropark and I am SO glad that I did!

Rentschler Forest is located in Hamilton, OH. The forest is full of nearly 400 acres of trees, trails, and you have access to seeing the Great Miami River there too! One of the most iconic spots in the park is the trailhead that leads you to a path full of trees lined on each side. It is the most picturesque spot for incredible photographs!

This Metropark is not only a great place for a photography session, but it is a beautiful place to take for a walk with your family and friends when you want to get outdoors. It’s also a perfect place to take visiting friends for short hikes when the weather is nice out!

I highly recommend visiting Rentschler Forest Metropark – you will feel like you are in such a joyful + peaceful location when you visit!

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