Top Three Places to Propose in Cincinnati

You have the ring. You’ve been preparing what you want to say to your soon-to-be fiance. But finding out exactly where to propose is a whole different ballgame! That’s why I have created this list of the top 3 places to propose in Cincinnati (with one bonus spot!)

Smale Park/Robeling Bridge

Cincinnati Engagement Session at the Roebling Bridge, on the Kentucky side (near the Covington Murals)

If you’re looking to propose at an iconic Cincinnati location, what better place than Smale Park, with the Roebling Bridge as your backdrop? This is such a beautiful location with so many spots to choose from. The park itself is free, but do expect to pay for street parking or a parking garage. You could choose within Smale Park itself, on the actual bridge, OR – if you’d like to have both the bridge and the Cincinnati city buildings in the background – walk on the bridge over to the Kentucky side and propose there! Because it’s a popular location, your photographer will most likely blend into the crowd and it won’t look out of place for someone to be walking around with a camera. The downside to the popularity of this Cincinnati location is that it’s not as private, so that’s something to keep in mind if you prefer privacy.

Sharon Woods

Sharon Woods is a beautiful park to propose at in the Cincinnati area! It is part of the Great Parks of Hamilton County and is located in Sharonville, OH. This location doesn’t have a city skyline, but it does have a lot of beautiful areas for a proposal! There’s a small waterfall located off Buckeye Falls Drive, lots of greenery/trees, and a large lake! If you’re considering this location, I highly recommend going there beforehand to scout out a spot to propose (as it’s a very large park and you do have to drive to different spots). There are lots of more private areas that you could propose here, so if you’re looking for beautiful scenery but want a bit more privacy. This also has a lot of locations that a photographer could hide to capture your surprise proposal!

Please note: There is an entry fee for this park and all of the Great Parks of Hamilton County.

Ault Park

Ault Park is a fantastic choice for a proposal! Especially if you are planning a spring proposal around the time that the cherry blossoms are widespread! There are multiple locations that would work well, from the famous staircase/pavilion, to all the beautiful flowers, greenery, overlook, and trees! This park is free to enter and to park at, and you could definitely pass it off as a nice date night (or even a picnic in the park) to your soon-to-be fiance! This is another park that is very popular, particularly on the weekends in the spring, so that’s just something to keep in mind when planning your proposal.

Bonus Spot: A Sentimental Location!

If you’d rather pick a spot that is a bit more meaningful to you as a couple, think back to all the adventures you have been on together. When was your first date? What hobbies do you two like to do together (ex: are you outdoorsy people? do you love playing music together?) Would you prefer to propose in a much more private setting (for instance, in your backyard)? For my Catholic couples – perhaps consider proposing at the church you two attend, or after praying the rosary. Write a list of all the spots that are important to you two (or will be important in the future)!

I hope this list of locations gives you some inspiration on where to propose in Cincinnati! There are so many beautiful spots to choose from here! I highly recommend scouting out the location you choose, and coordinating with your photographer so that you can get the best photographs of this moment!

If you’d like to see more images like the ones shown in this blog post, check it out here!

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    I would like to know pricing for engagement proposal? In Cincinnati. Possibly a park, or helicopter ride

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