Best Wedding Reception Venues in Cincinnati

Wedding planning is SO exciting! And one of the first steps, after getting engaged, is finding your wedding reception venue! There are so many gorgeous venues in Cincinnati, to the point where it can be hard to narrow it down to your top choices! That’s why I have created this list of the five best wedding reception venues in Cincinnati! I hope this list helps to serve you as you plan your beautiful wedding day in the Queen City!

Paul Brown Stadium

You can walk right outside of the stadium entrance and get incredible city views!

Paul Brown Stadium is home to the Bengals field, but did you know that they also host wedding venues there?! I had no idea until I helped capture a beautiful wedding there! This venue is such an iconic spot to have your wedding reception at if you are Bengals fans, or even if you just love the idea of having a downtown Cincinnati reception! There are gorgeous views of the city buildings, and you can even get onto the football field for some photographs if you’d like!

Cincinnati Art Museum

The Cincinnati Art Museum is a great location for your reception venue if you’re looking for a location that has beautiful architecture, some greenery, and (of course) lots of art! One of my favorite spots of this location is the incredible steps and pedestals leading up to the entrance of the museum, which make for beautiful photographs! This is definitely another iconic spot in Cincinnati!

Bell Event Center

The Bell Event Center has quite a history! It actually used to be a Catholic church called St. Paul’s. Over time, though, the church members dwindled down to only 70 members and the Diocese of Cincinnati decided to close its doors and deconsecrate the building. The building was bought several years later and was restored. Now it is used as an event center, but it still holds many beautiful nods to Catholicism, with its incredible stained glass windows throughout the walls.

Mojave East

Mojave East is a newer wedding venue in Cincinnati, and it definitely has a fun blend of an urban + nature vibe to it! It was an industrial building built in the 1950s, that has since been converted into an event space! It definitely has some hints of a west-coast vibe inspiration, and I love that it has a bit of space in the back with greenery and beautiful nature!

Florence Nature Park

Florence Nature Park is actually in Northern Kentucky, but I wanted to share this little gem with you because it is the perfect venue for a smaller wedding! The event center is located on a beautiful park with lots of greenery, and it also seems to be a quieter park (which means less likelihood for people in the background of your photographs, which is always a bonus)! Their event center does have a bridal suite, and can accommodate dining for up to 100 people. I definitely recommend checking this place out if you’re looking for a quieter venue space, with lots of nature!


I hope these venues have been helpful and have given you some inspiration as you begin your wedding planning! If you’d like to see more wedding photographs like the ones you’ve seen in this article, check out some more of my work here!